Comfort is a Killer

Smoking kills. Sitting kills. Depression kills. Stress kills. Comfort kills.

Wake up at 7:30. The sound of your alarm a dreaded inevitability. The routine: breakfast, shower, clothes and go. Get in your air conditioned vehicle in your garage, drive along the city streets and park in the filing cabinet with your comrades. Your shirt costs $100. Your shoes another hundred. Sit at your desk. What's your first link? Facebook? Every day. In and out. There's nothing to reach for. You have it all. You have the money. You have the wife. You have the car, the clothes. You get drunk on weekends. You don't give a shit about any of it. You feel nothing. Nothing can get into your heart. And everyone around you seems just like you.

You have no hunger for life. You yearn for years of sleep. To let go, let go, let go.

In our convenience we've lost the necessity for effort. Imagine if you had to hunt for your food. Imagine if you had to build your home. Imagine you need every second of every day.

Now you throw away minute after minute because you don't need them. You have nowhere to put them.

Things are good enough, right?

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